WWW Sites on the Callanish Stones and Other Megaliths

Stones of Scotland. An exhaustive site covering many megalithic sites in Scotland.

The Stone Circle Web Ring "A group of more than 100 sites dealing with dolmens, menhirs, barrows, burial mounds and theories varying from the informed to the fanciful... and straight on till morning" - Michael Pollak, A Web Surfer's Guide to Ancient British Past, The New York Times March 25, 1999

Megalithic Mysteries. A photo-guide to stone circles and other prehistoric sites with high-quality images, including many aerial photographs.

Gerald Ponting has written numerous detailed and definitive works on the Callanish Stones and may be found at

Elizabeth Buie has written an informative essay on Callanish entitled "Stonehenge of the North."

The Calanais Visitors Centre.

Published Works on Megalithic Sites, including the Callanish Stones

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